Over the next three months or so (4th Quarter of 2022), power poles from the Reno area working south down 800W/Milton Street will be occurring. Poles are being switched from wood to metal. Note that this is not a Town of Coatesville project, we have nothing to do with it but did want to make everyone aware of this. Between now and the end of the year, this will be ongoing. They will work south but will not extend beyond Hadley Street. On Hadley Street, they will also be replacing poles to the east up to the Teal Lake dam. They will also be working to the west down Hadley Street just past the modular that sits at the west end where Hadley bends. Just be aware this is happening. This could result in temporary road closures and/or road restrictions. Additionally, when they do the switchover, there could be power outages, but we expect these outages to just impact certain areas of town, not the whole town. Again, this is not a Town of Coatesville project and we have no specific dates on when things will happen. We are just communicating what we know in an effort to keep you informed. Thank you.

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