New to the area or a nerw resident?  An exisiting resident moving closer to town or outside of the town limits? Below is important utility information that will assist you in your transition.This is not an all inclusive list, but does cover the major utiity providers in the area. 

Please note that by clicking any of the buttons below will take directly to that companies login page assuming you already have a login ID and password.  If you do not, please open the information site URL in the comments to find out how to register on their site. 

Coatesville Power & Light:
   - Provides electric service to those within the town limits.
   - For more information on service, contact Town Hall, 765-386-7205
   - Click HERE to pay your Coatesville Power & Light bill online.

Hendrick's Power Cooperative:
   - Provides power service to the majority of Hendricks County
   - For more information on service, call 317-745-5473.
   - You can visit their website at www.hendrickspower.com
   - Click HERE to pay your Hendricks Electric bill on-line

Ray's Trash Service:
   - Light trash pickup is provided by the Town of Coatesville through Ray's Trash.
   - Trash is picked up every Thursday except Christmas and New Years day by Ray's Trash.
   - For more information on trash service, visit Rays at www.raystrash.com
   - Click HERE to pay your Ray's Trash bill on-line.

Endeavor Communications:
   - Provides phone and internet service to the community
   - Contact information at www.weendeavor.com
   - Click HERE to Pay your Endeavor bill on-line.

Direct TV:
   - Provide satellite television service starting with basic packages to premium packages
   - Contact information at www.directv.com
   - Click HERE to Pay your DIRECTV bill on-line

Other Services Available in the area

These may not all necessarily be utility related, but this is a list of other services you may need if you are new to the areaa.  You can google to obtain a list of companies in the area if you require any of these services.  It's always best to get estimates, check references, and check your Local BBB before using any private company.

Available services (this is not an all inclusive list):

   - Asphalt (to pave driveways or to seal)
   - Cable Television (NewWave Communications)
   - Dish TV (satellite Service)
   - Driveway Gravel
   - Mulch
   - Pool Water
   - Propane
   - Sewage Disposal
   - Other internet providers are also available in the area. 

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