Coatesville has had two tragedies, the first one a wrecked passenger train on the curve at the East edge of town that killed two persons and seriously injured more than a dozen.  The wreck occurred on January 29, 1895 on a cold, snowy day.  The maimed were taken into homes and cared for by local doctors and home folks until they were able to leave.

The second calamity hit on Good Friday 1948.  This tornado that wrecked the greater part of the town left 14 dead in its wake and crippled or injured in some way twice as many more.

There is one murder case to record, that of Willis Haines who lived North of New Winchester.  The story goes that he had been drinking in the Dr. O'Brien drug store and became unruly.  When he persisted in his evil ways some one hit him on the head with a billy or other blunt instrument.  He was carried to the lumber yard and left to regain consciousness but died from a fractured skull.  Jack Hampton, in all likelihood innocent, stood trial for the killing and was sent to prison.  He served a year or so and came home.  Jack knew who killed Haines but rather than tell took the rap upon himself.  Later he was a town Marshall for his home town and proved a good one.

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