2017 activities are still in the process of being planned, but below are some confirmed activities and events.

1) Firehouse Breakfast

    Beginning at 7am until 10am, the firefighters at the firehouse will be providing a Goodwill Offering/Donation 
    Breakfast.  If you attended last year, you know how good it was.  We have the early registration beginning at
    7am just for those who want to attend this breakfast.  Remember, this is a Goodwill offering, so the firehouse 
    certainly appreciates any and all donations.

2)  Handmade Awards

    Our handmade awards will be back in 2017.  We have increased it from the Top 25 to the Top 30 plus specialty
    awards.  Always a favorite, work has begun on these trophys and will take months to build.  And this year, the
    Top 30 trophies will all come with their own build sheet, just like your classic and vintage cars.

3) The Pack of Chihuahua's Return

    The Pack of Chihuahua return for our 2017 show to provide you with more live music and entertainment. 
    The band is scheduled to play at approximately 10:00am to 1:45pm when the awards start. 

4) Tractor Show Category

    That's right.  Antique Tractorsl become part of the show.  We are getting this off the ground this year and
    hope to see it grow in the years to come.  If you have one, bring it out. 

5) The "Fan Favorite" Voting and Town Fundraiser

    We will have the Fan Favorite voting back in 2017 which is a great fundraiser for our community.  Plus the
    winner reaps all kinds of benefits.  For "Fan Favorite" voting, all entrants receive a free vote with your paid
    registration (in your goody bag).  More tickets are available for purchase at registration (no limit).  The car
    with the most votes wins this unique and one-of-a-kind package.  Visit our fan favorite page for more info.

6) VIP Package to five (5) Lucky Winners

    Back in 2017 is another cool benefit that most of you may not be aware of.   Five random goody bags
    contained a slip of paper stapled to their event map stating they were a VIP winner and to claim their
    package at the registration/information booth.  Be sure to check your goody bag right away to see if you
    are a winner.  Who knows what the 2017 package will contain.   The 2016 winners received the following

7) "Car Show Bingo"

    We will have Car Show Bingo back again in 2017.  Anyone at the show (show entrants and visitors) can play. 
    It's free of charge and you could win a trophy.

8) "Poker Walk"

    This will be a new event this year.  Visit the stores, pick a card, and the one with the best hands win a trophy.
    Just like Car Show Bingo, it's free to all. 

9) Bouncehouse - Apologies, but the bounce house will not be available in 2017 due to a schedule conflict.


10) Silent Auction

     We hope to have some great packages for you this year.  The location has moved to a store front on Main
     Street in the middle of the car show action.  Look for the signs.

All of the above including plenty of Food, Ice Cream, Vendors, Shopping,  and a whole lot more.